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Should any of the programs of the Lindsay Weld Centre for Children run at capacity, a waiting list will be maintained for all future available spaces.

Parents/guardians interested in placing their child in the Centre are requested to submit a wait list application stating the child’s name, date of birth, type of care required and preferred start date. The date on the application will determine the family’s position on the waiting list. Parents/guardians will receive confirmation from the Centre regarding their placement on the waiting list.

Names will be allocated to the waiting list with the following priorities for enrollment:

  1. Children and/or siblings of children currently enrolled in the Centre
  2. Children of employees of Ministries located in the 200 First Avenue West building.
  3. Children of employees and Board members of the Lindsay Weld Centre for Children
  4. General public


The waiting list will be administered by the Program Coordinator and/or Executive Director. All applications received will be immediately date stamped and will be added to the existing waiting list. A family’s position on the wait list will be maintained until the application comes to the top of the list and a space is accepted /declined, or until the parents/guardians indicate that they wish to have their application removed from the list. Parents/guardians who deny a space when offered will have their names removed from their current position and added to the bottom of the waiting list in their category.

When a family’s application reaches the top of the waiting list and a space becomes available in the appropriate program, the parents/guardians will be contacted to ascertain interest. An orientation will be arranged allowing the parents to visit the Centre and complete the admission procedures.

The waiting list will be reviewed on a regular basis. Parent/guardians who have indicated a preferred starting date will be contacted and advised of their current position and the projected availability of space.

As spaces in the Centre become available, they will be filled as soon as possible with the children from the waiting list. The space will be offered to the name at the top of the list and will work downward until accepted. At no time can the Centre hold spaces open. The Lindsay Weld Centre for Children is a non-profit organization and, as such, relies on parent/guardian fees to pay for the daily operational expenses, thus it is essential that maximum enrollment be maintained at all times.

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